Using Affiliates to Sell 1000X More

Okay, so maybe 1000X more is a bit of hyperbole…

But in theory, adding affiliate programs to your ecommerce store is a fantastic way to greatly increase the sales you make.

Generally, the term affiliate tends to be associated with one-off payments for digital products and informational products. In fact though, there’s no reason for this to be the case…

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is essentially a strategy that can be used by online marketers to increase their sales. In essence, you will be offering other marketers commission for helping you to sell your products. This commission can be as much as you like – whether it’s 10% or 75% – but the more you offer the more affiliate marketers you’ll attract.

What this then means is that you now have additional people helping you to promote and sell your products. Of course this is on top of what you were already selling – so that means you won’t lose any of the income you already have, you’ll just gain even more additional income.

In theory, this can then help you to attract any number of affiliates. And if it works out, that now means you’ll have a legion of professional marketers with huge audiences helping you to sell your product. Imagine if you managed to get ten affiliates and each one helped you to sell an additional 20 products a month?

Better yet, even the affiliates that don’t land you direct sales will still be getting more exposure for your product and for your brand!

How to Set Up Affiliate Programs

Setting up and affiliate program is actually very easy and straightforward too.

All you need to do is to set up your Shopify account as normal and then add an app that is designed to provide affiliate options. That’s the great thing about Shopify – it’s endlessly expandable!

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