Some Tips for Getting More Members on Your Membership Site

If you’re monetizing your website by selling a membership, then the main objective of the free content you create is now going to be to convert your visitors into paying subscribers.

This can be a highly lucrative business model and a great way to gain passive, recurring income.

At the same time though, convincing people to pay for your content can be difficult. As a rule, most content we discover online is free and as such a lot of us aren’t used to paying for it. If you want to make more money from your site, you’re going to need to think about how you’re going to cross that barrier and get people to put down money for content. Here are a few tips…

Make it Sound Exciting

People love to be part of a movement and part of a community. This is how you need to make it sound to be a member of your site – explain to people that they’ll be part of something exciting and be sure to refer to your members as ‘VIPs’ or ‘exclusive members’.

Offer Levels of Membership

If you want to charge a lot for membership, this can be a difficult challenge to overcome. One useful strategy then is to offer different levels of membership. Perhaps you charge $5 a month for access to certain pages, but $20 for full, unrestricted access.

Free Trial

The best way to get someone to buy a puppy is to let them take it home for a week.

You can do something similar with your membership – let your users try it for free so that they see the full benefits and become big fans of what you do. Only ask for payment once your visitors have seen that it’s worthwhile!


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