One of the Simplest and Easiest Tips for Profiting From Any eCommerce Store – Have a Cheap Item Available

There is a very thin line between success and failure when to comes to any online business. That is to say, that if you have a good business model but it’s not making you a lot of money right now, it could be the tiniest thing that’s currently holding you back.

Likewise, it might be that the smallest little change could take your currently struggling business model and turn it into a massive money maker.

One example of just such a small change that can make all the difference, is to add at least one very cheap item to your ecommerce store. Whether you are making money from subscriptions or one off payments, this can make a massive difference.

Why a Cheap Item Can Make a Massive Difference

The problem when trying to sell a ‘big ticket’ item on an online store, is that you’re basically trying to overcome two very powerful ‘barriers’ to making a sale.

The first and most obvious barrier is that your product is expensive and people take a lot of convincing if they’re going to buy something for a lot of money.

The second barrier is that people don’t like buying online from new sources. If they’ve never dealt with your business before, then they’ll be concerned about security and they won’t know whether to trust your delivery system.

Thus, trying to get someone to pay for something very expensive on a completely alien site is an up-hill battle.

On the other hand though, if you can get them to buy one very small item – even if it just costs $5 – this will now make it much easier to get them to buy future items for much more money. Especially if you provide them with a great service and a really high quality product!

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