How to Set up Product Variants with Shopify

How to Set up Product Variants with Shopify

If you have a Shopify store the sales real-world items one of the things that you may have to deal with is product variants. Luckily, Shopify handles this very well, unlike some of the e-commerce platforms that are out there. This article will demonstrate how you can use Shopify to do product variants but before that, let’s discuss what a product variant actually is.

Product variants are the different types of product that you have in your store. Let’s take a shirt for example: you have several different sizes with this particular shirt such as small, medium, large and XL. Then you may have several different colors as well. For example, this particular shirt may come in blue, red, green, black and gray. You might have a third variant as well; this shirt comes in both a regular T-shirt style with a rounded collar and a V-neck collar.

In order to offer this product in your store you’re going to want to set up these product variants on the same listing. You don’t want to make separate listings for all of these different products because the different listings may number in the hundreds for one thing, and this is a lot of extra work, but mostly, it is because you don’t want your customers to have to search your entire site to find the size that they want or the style.

How to Set up Product Variants

Here are the steps that you’ll go through if you’re trying to create product variants through the Shopify admin panel. First, go to your admin area and go to the pricing, inventory and shipping section. There will be a link there to allow you to add variants for for whichever product it is.

You will create two things to make your variants. The first is the option name; which in the case of our example would be color, size and style. For each of these, you’re going to set your option values, which are the different sizes and colors that we discussed earlier. You are able to set a different price in a different barcode for each variant and customize the listing the way you need to.

After you have your variants added to your products you want to make sure that you optimize for the search engines for your variant products as much as you possibly can. In case someone is looking for a product that you sell in a specific color try to ensure that it will appear in the search engines.