Shopify Tips

Shopify Tips

How to Set up Product Variants with Shopify

If you have a Shopify store the sales real-world items one of the things that you may have to deal with is product variants. Luckily, Shopify handles this very well, unlike some of the e-commerce platforms that are out there. This article will demonstrate how you can use Shopify to do product variants but before that, let’s discuss what a product variant actually is. Product variants are the different types

How to Choose a Shopify Theme

So, you’re wondering how you choose a Shopify theme. There are a lot of them to choose from and there are a few selection options that you have. Shopify has over 100 free themes in their theme store. But they also have a large number of premium themes. If you choose a free theme you can install it on your site without incurring an extra charge. The premium themes vary

Four Winning Tips for Using Pinterest to Make Sales in your Shopify Store

If you own a Shopify store, odds are that you already know about the social media tie-ins that you can do, especially adding the buy button to Pinterest posts. However, even though this is available, and everyone knows that social media can be a valuable source of sales, there are still people out there that resist using Pinterest – mostly because they have never used it and are a little

New Store Owner Training: How Do Taxes Work?

So, you are a new Shopify store owner. You might be wondering about taxes. Anytime someone sells products online they have to worry about sales tax. But not everyone pays sales tax and you may not have to pay tax on any of the orders that you sell. In addition, you have to worry about income tax. If you’ve worked for yourself before you know that as an independent contractor

How to Get Stock Photos for your Shopify Store

If you are selling items online that you don’t actually physically have at your location or if you have the items at your location but you just don’t have the facilities to take good photos you might want to consider using stock photos for the products in your Shopify store. There are actually quite a few companies out there that deal with product stock photos and you may be able